Open Season

2016 Open season is upon us.
Open day 1 today (16.1 day technically)

I’d not planned to sign up this year. Told myself I wouldn’t. Injured my wrist last summer and to put it plainly, I’m getting old and it is taking forever to heal fully. I’ve been on a strict no pull up ban until it feels better after i reactivated it doing Cindy a couple months ago. Lifts are OK but I was worried I’d either hurt it worse pushing myself or just be annoyed having to scale.

Today I signed up.

Thanks to the inter-gym team system my box is doing which is setup to allow top scaled and top Rx athletes to contribute to the team score, I know I can contribute to a team. Feels far less annoying having to scale this way and pushed me to sign up regardless of my injury.

16.1 in the books. 221 reps. Scaled.

Pacing is the real trick on this one.

Good luck to all competing!

Open WOD 13.4 Score – Again I am humbled

Learning my lesson quickly to never go into a WOD expecting to do well. Last two weeks I expected more and gave less. Honestly would like to redo this one but with easter I won’t get the chance.

Submitted score: 51
Score I was hoping to get: >60

Things I’d change if I redid this:
If I can’t get the T2B rep,  let go of the bar rather than flop around wasting time.
Use new hard plates as the old ones bounce like crazy.
Not have a cold and be able to breathe properly.

One more to go……..