Open WOD 13.3 – !@#$%

Know what it feels like to be stabbed repeatedly in the ribs? After 13.3, I think I do!

Wall-ball #80 or so I got a nasty stitch (Horrible eating perhaps? Lack of water?) and every throw hurt like hell. Managed to get to the DU’s and literally couldn’t get vertical.

10:24 to finish Karen, 1:36 of whipping myself with my rope like I was filming the pasty white guy remake of Roots.

All in, 163, 13 reps worse than last year. No redo, no excuses, I sucked.

Oh well on to 13.4

Open WOD 13.3 Announced – Not exactly Constantly Varied

Sat down and watched the live announcement and “Throwdown” for 13.3 last night. Felt like some evil Christmas where I was waiting for some sadist Santa to give me a present. That Santa’s nae was Dave Castro and the present was
150 Wall balls
90 Double Unders
30 Muscl………OK these wont happen

Repeat from last year. I fondly remember being happy how fast I did my 150 wall balls last year only to find out that double-unders are difficult when you cant feel your legs. I also remember the 3-4 days where I couldn’t walk down stairs, sit, stand, move *cry*.

Goal for this year is hard to determine. My DUs are far better this year but are they better AFTER 150 wall balls?

13.2 redux

Broke down and went in today to redo 13.2.  Even after a wedding last night and being up until 2am I figured I couldn’t do much worse.
Based on feedback from others,  tactics for the redo were:
All box jumps will be step ups and step downs to take advantage of my height and allow some breath control.
Push presses only and catch in a bend to mini thruster it up and keep them unbroken.
Thursday’s attempt #1 –  170
Today’s attempt #2 –  238
Sixty Eight rep difference!! Between the strategy and having the crowd to cheer Sunday I am glad I got in and managed a score I’m very happy with.

On to 13.3. Thinking bar work of some sort,  hopefully not Toes to Bar.

Open 13.2 WOD, ooooops

13.2 was announced last night and it didn’t look that bad although box jumps with my sore Achilles wasn’t what I’d hoped for. 

5 shoulder to overhead 115#
10 deadlift 115#
15 box jumps

Knowing I couldn’t make it to RCFP’s Friday Night Lights event to do it (have a date with my little girl to watch Disney on Ice),  I went in tonight and gave it a shot.  What resulted was basically a fail moment like I’ve not had in a while. Hot a wall after round TWO and never recovered.  When the mist of sweat and barrage of cursing subsided I’d put up a 170 or 5 rounds plus 20 reps.

Not very happy,  I’ve never redone an open WOD but I might on this one.

Open WOD 13.1 Complete

As always, Friday night Open WOD night was awesome. The energy, the excitement and the impressive performance from so many people.

Went into RCFP last night and perfected (LOL) my split snatch. Did several at 135# and was happy with how it felt (My shoulders were less happy). Last night I just went in with the goal to beat the 6 reps I had last year, with 10 reps being my goal. That said, once I got a couple at 135# I kinda had a “I got this” moment and with the help of Judge Rodd, pushed to 17 reps at 135#. Seriously chuffed with that number but even so I still think had I went in knowing I could do that many reps, I would have gone a bit faster on the burpees and got a bigger number. My score will stand though as between the 117 reps and the 2 hours baseball practice shortly afterwards Friday night my shoulders are not very happy and lifting anything feels like too much work.

Ice is broken now so excited for 13.2

Crossfit Open 13.1….Here we go!

For a couple weeks I’ve grown excited/nervous about this year’s Open. Tonight was the announcement and this one makes me both excited and scared.
13.1 is
17 Minutes
40 Burpees
30 Snatches @ 75#
30 Burpees
30 Snatches @ 135#
30 Burpees
30 Snatches @ 165#
30 Burpees
30 Snatches @ 210#

So essentially a combination of 12.1 and 12.2 (7 minutes of burpees and 10 minute snatch ladder).

I’m taking the burpees out of the equation really, slow and steady on those should cover it. Last year on the snatch ladder I pushed through 6 mangled ugly 135# snatches, in front of a crowd, and local TV coverage. I’ve painfully watched that back a couple times already and besides being a bit stronger this year I can see where I needed to improve. I’ll likely hit RCFP tomorrow and work on some snatch technique, likely try a split snatch a bit as I think that might make a difference.

Good luck to everyone and let the games begin!

A thank you to my RCFP family

The amount of help and support from RCFP has been overwhelming. As a thank you, I had Evelyn and Aidan work on a thank you poster for the gym. Small token really considering everything they have given to my family but we wanted to ensure they knew the kids, and Evie particularly are better off for the help.

Evie and Aidan's thank you poster

I would have said this before any of this happened anyways but if you live in Milton and are looking for a place to build a better you, inside and out, walk in the RCFP doors and start.

2013 CrossFit Games are Coming

This year’s games are approaching quickly. Compared to last years I expect to be able to hit some heavier weights and I “have” DUs now (some days).

Still seriously need to work on T2B though as well as thrusters and though unlikely to be in the WODs, anything inverted and muscle-ups still remain as my nemesis.

In case they are needed, links to the Cogeco videos from last year (Lower res to save bandwidth)

Crossfit. More than a workout….Continued

A few days back I posted about how taking in a WOD has been helping me through my daughter’s fight with cancer. Happened to read an article today that was fantastic in its description of the “something else” that Crossfit provides over any sport of workout I have ever performed.


In particular this paragraph spells it out as well as anything I have been able to put in writing:

“What is difficult for an outsider to see is that these people just went to a place inside the box, and themselves, that isn’t accessible to them at any other point in their day. The physical intensity of the workout gave them no choice but to draw their attention inward — to the now. In the now, or the present moment, the mind experiences a much needed gift of rest.”

Crossfit, more than a workout.

Every day I learn something new. The most recent lesson is the power of a tough WOD to cope with stress. Many would say doing 150 med-ball cleans and 15 rope climbs wouldn’t be the thing they want to do when dealing with such immense emotional stress as I am right now but I will say it is truly the opposite. I entered the gym, trying to avoid talking to people as I was unsure I could keep my composure trying to talk to people. I struggled through some pats on the shoulders, hugs and kind words but as nice as they were, it almost made me leaving thinking it had been a bad idea to put myself into a room of so many people. I stuck it out, hid, warming up in the corner and tentatively joined the group for the WOD. Oddly as the warm-up started, so did a sense of release, calm even. For days my mind has been scattered in a million directions. Worry, anger, fear, depression have made being positive very tough. For the 17 minutes and 10 seconds I pushed hard through the WOD I felt focused. It’s not that I wasn’t thinking about Evelyn at every second but I had a goal and a finish line to focus on. Something tangible, achievable. Despite the horrible diet and sleeping, I put up a decent score I was happy with, pushed harder than usual even. Nothing I do in a WOD is going to fix whats broken but I’ve now learned it can be good therapy.

Now the only issue is that my quads don’t seem to appreciate the effort as much.