Review: Wrist Wraps

My box started selling branded versions of these wrist wraps and since my elastic pair from Again Faster we’re getting too warm out, I figured I’d try them out.
The design is simple, a long doubled piece of cloth with a triangular end no one side and a string of its tip. Now simple isn’t a bad thing, in fact simple can be great which is the case here. I still like I could badly sew one at home but why when these are very good and far nicer than I could make.

The fabric is somewhat stiff (think the feel of canvas) but the magic is when you wrap it around your wrist and tuck the string away. Friction in this one case is your friend as by turning it while wrapped on your wrist it quickly gets tighter or looser. When as tight as you can wrap it, the material provides a stiff support for things like overhead squats or push presses which for me help to have the locked down wrist feeling. If you loosen them a bit they still provide some support for the front rack position of a clean or front/back squat.

The straps wash well and seem very durable. Value for the money is ok as I feel they are quality enough to warrant the cost (for what it is).

Overall score: 10/10
More support than elastic ones, but more washable and durable as well. A must buy for anyone who’s wrists get overly sore while lifting.

Review: Rock Tape Knee Caps

As someone with bad knees (multiple meniscus tears and a partially torn ACL) I have used many a knee brace. The issue I’ve always had has been their bulk and restrictiveness which granted is their design purpose. I had been looking for a set of neoprene sleeves to try for squatting and other movements where some added knee support would be beneficial. I picked up a set of RockTape Kneecaps at my box and gave them a good work in through various types of WODs (even a couple other activities like road biking too just to see how they did). I will say that despite a few faults, I love them.

The kneecaps come in 5mm or 7mm neoprene (I have the 5mm) and are advertised with the key features:

Keeping your knees stabilized is essential when it comes to lifting. Knee Caps are specifically designed to provide compression, warmth and lateral stability when performing functional movements such as dead lifts, pistols and squats.

Unlike other supports, Knee Caps are ‘extra tall’ and designed to compress the VMO* at its insertion point above the patella to help ensure proper stability and tracking. Knee Caps also provide compression and warmth to promote blood flow.

Heat sealed seams for better contouring
Added height for VMO* support
Available in 5mm or 7mm neoprene thicknesses
Sold as pair (two Knee Caps per package)

I like to keep my reviews concise so here is is my breakdown of good and bad about these sleeves

– They do an excellent job of warming up your knees. I found even wearing them during warm-ups helped get my knees loose and ready to work
– Material on the inside of the sleeve grips well meaning very limited sliding and bunching even during an intense WOD
– Added stability is noticeable but not restrictive. On many other knee sleeves and braces I’ve used there is a point in the squat where it feels like its bunched behind your knee and digging into you. I did not get that with these.
– When I take them off i leave them inside out to dry (Yea I sweat a lot) and so far the material seems to resist the “gym bag smell” issue.

– Their style is not my cup of tea. Personal choice but neither of the patterns are really to my taste. Would love a “tamer” pattern LOL
– Seams seemed quite well bonded when first inspected however after a dozen or so WODs in them the seam on one started to go. Unfortunate but this could be the design issue that kills my love for this product.


Overall, they are a solid product and less costly than Rehbands. I like them so much I may even reach out to RockTape to see if the seam issue is something they have seen before and/or if they warranty the product. They do provide comfortable and supportive wear and are versatile enough to wear during virtually any WOD.

Overall Score: 8/10

The seam issue was just the worm in an otherwise perfect apple.


UPDATE: So… mentioned in my review above, the seam on one of my sleeves had started to come apart. I contacted RockTape and not only did they stand by their product (with no real pressure from me) but they replaced them for me no questions asked and quickly. One of the best customer service experiences I’ve had in quite a while!

New score based on their stellar customer service:



UPDATE #2!!: I will stick with the fact that their customer service was good but unfortunately after 2 months with the replacement sleeves the seams started splitting again. I sewed them up so they were usable again but I wont buy them again or recommend them to anyone strictly due tot he seams issues.



Day 5, a new hope

Didn’t blog yesterday as I just didn’t feel like it. Today I feel more hopeful. Feet don’t hurt too bad when I sit around and even when I walk (with crutches for balance) they are far better today. Overdid it a bit, trying to return the favour to my wide I got up with the kids and managed to hobble around painfully to make pancakes, by the time I was done I was hurting pretty good though. Sat around playing PS4 for the rest of the day then felt good enough I again did too much and tried cooking dinner. Almost got it done before I was told to go sit down before I started crying from the pain. Still, good progress though. Hoping tomorrow will show even more. Other big problem today is itchy feet. I don’t wear socks a lot as my feet get itchy. Wearing bandages all day every day is already getting itchy especially when I’m wearing the special walking boots. I’ll save the details of the other part of today’s adventure and let’s just say I stopped taking morphine today (so far) and wow is my digestive system mad at me for taking it.


Recovery day 2. Holy @$&# this hurts

First day after surgery, still a good deal of pain when I’m off my feet and laying down but the couple times I’ve had to try and walk to the washroom or otherwise it hurt like hell. I’ve had a lot of injuries in my day but for pure pin this wins. Still taking meds and only at 2/3rds dosage unless I’m ready to rip my feet off. Hoping today was the worst day and tomorrow will show progress. All I can say is thank God for my wife taking care of me this week or I’d have been in even worse shape.

Bunion Surgery, the adventure begins.


For years I’ve had painful bunions. They flared up whenever I played ball, ran, jumped or did half the stuff I do at CrossFit. I’d tried the braces and stretches but finally decided to get the surgery done. Unfortunately the surgery date came right at the middle of the Crossfit open for this year and I’ll miss judging everyone e last two weeks (still annoyed I can’t compete).
Surgery day started out well, dual bilateral chevron by Dr. Brian McGoey at Credit Valley Hospital. All prepped, went to sleep well and woke up after the surgery without issue. Well, waking up was where the issue started, the “nerve blocker” the anesthetist said would last several hours and would mean I’d not feel my feet when I woke up didn’t work. This means I woke up to more pain than I’ve felt in a long time. But the nurse got me loaded up with morphine and Tylenol an soon I was on my way home. So now I’m confined to bed and couch and looking forward to getting some sleep as I have a feeling tomorrow will be a rough day.

Review: Junk Brands Infinity Headbands

OK call this a mini-review since there is not so much that can be said about a headband.

Cost: $16 online plus shipping

OK i think the needs here is self explanatory. I sweat. A lot. It gets really warm at my box, especially in the middle of summer and I hate sweat dripping into my eyes.

– They stop sweat from getting in my eyes
– They dry quickly
– Wearing one is a huge stylistic step up from an old school sweatband type head band (particularly for those of us with “significant foreheads”)

– Pretty pricey for a headband once shipping is factored in
– Wearing a headband like Froning does not in fact imbue the wearer with any of his skill

Overall Score: 9/10

Product is great if your willing to pay the price.

Healthy eating. Devil is in the details.

As I’m doing this WLC competition I’ve been doing pretty well to eat healthy and it is working.  Down some weight,  WODs feel better and overall feel good.  So tonight we decide to hit the fall fair so the kids can see some cars crash into each other and go on some rides.  Was WAY more prepared than usual thanks to my dear wife.  Packed a bag of homemade apple chips and some kale chips (which are way better than I expected but still a bit odd). Here is where the issue is,  EVERYTHING AT THE FAIR TASTES BETTER!!  Kids had cotton candy and tiny doughnuts.  I hated resisting sampling them but did. Had I not been in this challenge I wouldn’t have resisted because…. Well… I don’t want to.  Paleo eating is easy,  eat real food,  eat normal human portions and my added rule; if you really want to eat something you shouldn’t,  just do it.  I am confident at this point I could be 100% year round and have much lower body fat and washboard abs but honestly I think I’d prefer the occasional indulgence and a couple less abs in the pack.

Sept 28 WOD


Part 1:
take 12-15 minutes and work on skills for movements that need improvement.  These can be barbell movements, gymnastics.


Teams of 2 must complete the following for time:
Accumulate 2 minutes of an L-sit hold
then right into
1 mile run
100 bupree chin ups

*each team can partition the L-sit holds any way they want, each person on the team must run, and the teams can partition the burpee chin ups any way they want.  You cannot start the burpee chin ups until each team member is in from the run