UGSeries Madness Competition

A great day at my first big team event. Held at downsview in Toronto, UGSeries Madness was so much fun and a great experience. My teammates were all competition newbies or like me only had one or two under their belts. The structure of this event was setup differently in a rather unique bracket system. All teams regardless of levels did the same first WODs and that helped to classify them as Pro/Semi-pro/Amateur. My team did well and we just missed the cut into semi-pro thanks to some good scores in a max thruster (new PR 195lbs) and a Row and Bench WOD as well. Unfortunately we were knocked out in the first bracket round after seeding by a couple seconds thanks to an issue with judging standards (First time anyone has heard of no-repping single unders because you don’t jump two footed). Not much the organizers could do about it to be fair and though I was annoyed at the time I still had a great time and we had a Firepower team on the podium in each skill level!
Regardless of the judging issue and considering the size, the event was very well run and I will be looking to sign up for their events in the future.

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