Review: Perfect Nutrition Diesel Protein

Quick review here. I’ve been using Diesel Protein by Perfect Nutrition for a couple months after shifting away from Progenix. Progenix tasted good and i found was very easily digested as a post-WOD shake after 6am WODs but man it was expensive. At the recommendation of a friend (who is also a nutritionist) I tried this Diesel brand and I am definitively a fan. I have tried 5 flavours now and since I am not one who can really dissect the nutritional aspects of it I will mostly review the taste:

Chocolate – Really nice for a chocolate. Most chocolates taste decent with Almost/Coconut milk but few taste good with water. This one even with water has a nice flavour and little aftertaste.
Chocolate Peanut Butter – I am a sucker for this combo of flavours and was a bit worried it would be gimmicky and weird. Nope! A little sweet to have frequently (stevia sweet but still sweet) but IMO very nice tasting.
Strawberry – A hit or miss for most people. Tastes like strawberry milkshake but is definitely sweet. I like it but I know others who do not (but they tend not to like ANY strawberry protein)
Banana – Not bad but not great. I don’t mind the flavour but i found i got tired of it quick and the aftertaste was odd. Almost metallic. Not a fan.
Mango Pineapple – OK took a flier on this one. Quite sweet and for the first couple dozen times i had it I thought it tasted ‘OK’ but it quickly hit the point where even opening the tub and smelling the flavour put me off. Wont buy again and may not even finish the tub I have of it.
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