Comp #2!

A buddy of mine and I had a free admission to a two person team comp to make up for the issues from the last comp we were in. This was a much smaller comp on a weeknight and for any mix of gender on a team. We signed up for scaled division and though we had fun, this was a very oddly programmed and run competition (beginning to think I’m spoiled with the good programming at my box).
A few “Highlights”:
– No one in RX or scaled could finish the first WOD. IT was a 1km bike, 800m partner carry and then push ups for reps with the remainder of the EIGHT minutes. Not one athlete did a single push up! So they added an extra part with a 5min push ups for reps.
– They told scaled they had to do 8ft rope climbs. I am 6’3″ and several other athletes were tall which made this a useless movement.
– On the one Clean and Jerk WOD they programmed (Yay lifting) they gave all girls a huge “bonus” to their lifts to make their lifts match to men’s weights. Unfortunately the bump up was far too large and all teams with women on them beat all male teams (And we lifted 400lbs between us which would have had us 7th in Rx which was mostly male teams rather than 15th on scaled which was mostly co-ed)

Enough complaints. It was still fun, I got a new C&J PR at 205 and kept feeding my addiction to competing. Maybe someday I will get good at it (Masters age is coming faster than I’d like)


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