Review: Reebok Nano 4.0

A bit behind the curve but I finally have some Nano 4’s. In fact I have two pairs now. I never had the 2.0’s but I can compare them to the 3.0’s and 1.0’s and to me these are my favourites so far. I liked many of the improvements that came with the 3.0’s compared to the 1.0’s. The rope protection and wider toe box in particular were very welcome. The issue I had with the 3.0’s was that the structure of the webbing overlay on the toe box always folded in an odd way that rubbed the top of my big toe and made them less than comfortable.

The 4.0’s have altered the overlay and i find them far more comfortable. They retain the flexible low profile structure of the previous generations and the new sock liner resists the tongue shifting very well which adds to the overall wearability. I have two pairs which are actually slightly different models.

The first is the standard model Nano 4 in Black and Red. I love the colour combo and overall a nice looking shoe. The heel cup seems harder and provides good stability and Reebok seems to have found a good balance between stability and flexibility on this one. It fees responsive but does not feel like I am in a zero drop shoe.

The second pair is a “Military” special edition “Nano 4.0M” pair I picked up in the US. They are essentially the same shoe but made with thicker rip-stop material (supposed to be like sandbag/rucksack material) and are supposed to be sand/gravel proof.

Overall an excellent shoe. Stable, durable and comfortable. The only negative I can say is there was a few places on the green pair where there seemed to be excess glue on the join between sole and shoe. The shoes perform well for outdoor running, plyometrics, and basic weightlifting and CrossFit movements.


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