First Taste of CrossFit Competition

Now to be clear, I have done firefighter challenges, CrossFit Open and of course a bunch of Mud Runs and adventure races. That said, through the years 595of CrossFit I have never done a real proper CrossFit competition. I am VERY competitive. I always worried that doing a comp would tarnish the sport for me. What if I do poorly? What if I let me team down or get down because of a movement I suck at?

I finally decided to give it a go at a smaller team comp put on by the GTALeague (now ToughStuff) promoter since it was at a local box. I signed up for a team with two friends from my gym. I will say I am slightly hooked and now just annoyed I didn’t try it earlier!

Only negative was the promoter. The promised swag bags were a no-show and it took me getting rather annoyed with them to get something from them (a free registration to a smaller comp in a few weeks). Better than nothing and i know most of the swag bags are nothing to write hoe about but hey, it is the principal.

Looking forward to some more competitions in the future now!


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