Review: Wrist Wraps

My box started selling branded versions of these wrist wraps and since my elastic pair from Again Faster we’re getting too warm out, I figured I’d try them out.
The design is simple, a long doubled piece of cloth with a triangular end no one side and a string of its tip. Now simple isn’t a bad thing, in fact simple can be great which is the case here. I still like I could badly sew one at home but why when these are very good and far nicer than I could make.

The fabric is somewhat stiff (think the feel of canvas) but the magic is when you wrap it around your wrist and tuck the string away. Friction in this one case is your friend as by turning it while wrapped on your wrist it quickly gets tighter or looser. When as tight as you can wrap it, the material provides a stiff support for things like overhead squats or push presses which for me help to have the locked down wrist feeling. If you loosen them a bit they still provide some support for the front rack position of a clean or front/back squat.

The straps wash well and seem very durable. Value for the money is ok as I feel they are quality enough to warrant the cost (for what it is).

Overall score: 10/10
More support than elastic ones, but more washable and durable as well. A must buy for anyone who’s wrists get overly sore while lifting.

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