Review: Junk Brands Infinity Headbands

OK call this a mini-review since there is not so much that can be said about a headband.

Cost: $16 online plus shipping

OK i think the needs here is self explanatory. I sweat. A lot. It gets really warm at my box, especially in the middle of summer and I hate sweat dripping into my eyes.

– They stop sweat from getting in my eyes
– They dry quickly
– Wearing one is a huge stylistic step up from an old school sweatband type head band (particularly for those of us with “significant foreheads”)

– Pretty pricey for a headband once shipping is factored in
– Wearing a headband like Froning does not in fact imbue the wearer with any of his skill

Overall Score: 9/10

Product is great if your willing to pay the price.

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