Healthy eating. Devil is in the details.

As I’m doing this WLC competition I’ve been doing pretty well to eat healthy and it is working.  Down some weight,  WODs feel better and overall feel good.  So tonight we decide to hit the fall fair so the kids can see some cars crash into each other and go on some rides.  Was WAY more prepared than usual thanks to my dear wife.  Packed a bag of homemade apple chips and some kale chips (which are way better than I expected but still a bit odd). Here is where the issue is,  EVERYTHING AT THE FAIR TASTES BETTER!!  Kids had cotton candy and tiny doughnuts.  I hated resisting sampling them but did. Had I not been in this challenge I wouldn’t have resisted because…. Well… I don’t want to.  Paleo eating is easy,  eat real food,  eat normal human portions and my added rule; if you really want to eat something you shouldn’t,  just do it.  I am confident at this point I could be 100% year round and have much lower body fat and washboard abs but honestly I think I’d prefer the occasional indulgence and a couple less abs in the pack.

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