New Lifting CrossFit Shoe

So beyond being a computer nerd, I an also a sneaker geek. So, crossfit has opened up a new world of shoes. Currently I’m all in Reebok with my Nano 2.0’s for everyday WODs and the Reebok Oly’s for lifting. Before my Reeboks though I had a pair of Inov8’s for crossfit that I loved (and then killed by wearing them to Warrior Dash and then Tough Mudder) so I was curious when I saw this review for new Inov8 Lifting Shoes on Similarly to the Reeboks, they are designed as lifting shoes but with enough flexibility for some CF movements as well (Hence the name FastLift 335).


I like the look, the heel reminds me of the Nike Romelos. Heel pitch is 16.5 so not overly high for a lifting shoe to allow for crossfit movements as well.

Not sure I’ll pick these up any time soon as my Oly’s are still in pretty good shape but if they come in cheaper than the Reeboks they would be a great alternative for those without lifters.


Full Review – Click HERE

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