Crossfit, more than a workout.

Every day I learn something new. The most recent lesson is the power of a tough WOD to cope with stress. Many would say doing 150 med-ball cleans and 15 rope climbs wouldn’t be the thing they want to do when dealing with such immense emotional stress as I am right now but I will say it is truly the opposite. I entered the gym, trying to avoid talking to people as I was unsure I could keep my composure trying to talk to people. I struggled through some pats on the shoulders, hugs and kind words but as nice as they were, it almost made me leaving thinking it had been a bad idea to put myself into a room of so many people. I stuck it out, hid, warming up in the corner and tentatively joined the group for the WOD. Oddly as the warm-up started, so did a sense of release, calm even. For days my mind has been scattered in a million directions. Worry, anger, fear, depression have made being positive very tough. For the 17 minutes and 10 seconds I pushed hard through the WOD I felt focused. It’s not that I wasn’t thinking about Evelyn at every second but I had a goal and a finish line to focus on. Something tangible, achievable. Despite the horrible diet and sleeping, I put up a decent score I was happy with, pushed harder than usual even. Nothing I do in a WOD is going to fix whats broken but I’ve now learned it can be good therapy.

Now the only issue is that my quads don’t seem to appreciate the effort as much.

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  1. Hi Greg.

    This is a very powerful entry. I feel that the power and love with which you did your WOD does help you and the those around you. It will translate into positive things.


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