Open Season

2016 Open season is upon us.
Open day 1 today (16.1 day technically)

I’d not planned to sign up this year. Told myself I wouldn’t. Injured my wrist last summer and to put it plainly, I’m getting old and it is taking forever to heal fully. I’ve been on a strict no pull up ban until it feels better after i reactivated it doing Cindy a couple months ago. Lifts are OK but I was worried I’d either hurt it worse pushing myself or just be annoyed having to scale.

Today I signed up.

Thanks to the inter-gym team system my box is doing which is setup to allow top scaled and top Rx athletes to contribute to the team score, I know I can contribute to a team. Feels far less annoying having to scale this way and pushed me to sign up regardless of my injury.

16.1 in the books. 221 reps. Scaled.

Pacing is the real trick on this one.

Good luck to all competing!

New home away from home

The future of Reebok Crossfit Firepower has a new building. The bones are developing and I am really looking forward to getting some workouts in on this great looking new rig! I’ve crossfitted around around the globe but an lucky that the best box I’ve been to is always my own.

Under the Bridge Downtown (London that is)

During my trip to Central London, I visited Crossfit Central London. An interesting box that is actually under a bridge that is hundreds of years old. The box is small-ish but well equipped and the people and trainers very friendly. Now by ‘people’ I mean the ONE other member who came to the 6am class on a Wednesday. I will definitely go again next time I’m at my London office

Another pin in my CrossFit map of the world.

UGSeries Madness Competition

A great day at my first big team event. Held at downsview in Toronto, UGSeries Madness was so much fun and a great experience. My teammates were all competition newbies or like me only had one or two under their belts. The structure of this event was setup differently in a rather unique bracket system. All teams regardless of levels did the same first WODs and that helped to classify them as Pro/Semi-pro/Amateur. My team did well and we just missed the cut into semi-pro thanks to some good scores in a max thruster (new PR 195lbs) and a Row and Bench WOD as well. Unfortunately we were knocked out in the first bracket round after seeding by a couple seconds thanks to an issue with judging standards (First time anyone has heard of no-repping single unders because you don’t jump two footed). Not much the organizers could do about it to be fair and though I was annoyed at the time I still had a great time and we had a Firepower team on the podium in each skill level!
Regardless of the judging issue and considering the size, the event was very well run and I will be looking to sign up for their events in the future.

Comp #2!

A buddy of mine and I had a free admission to a two person team comp to make up for the issues from the last comp we were in. This was a much smaller comp on a weeknight and for any mix of gender on a team. We signed up for scaled division and though we had fun, this was a very oddly programmed and run competition (beginning to think I’m spoiled with the good programming at my box).
A few “Highlights”:
– No one in RX or scaled could finish the first WOD. IT was a 1km bike, 800m partner carry and then push ups for reps with the remainder of the EIGHT minutes. Not one athlete did a single push up! So they added an extra part with a 5min push ups for reps.
– They told scaled they had to do 8ft rope climbs. I am 6’3″ and several other athletes were tall which made this a useless movement.
– On the one Clean and Jerk WOD they programmed (Yay lifting) they gave all girls a huge “bonus” to their lifts to make their lifts match to men’s weights. Unfortunately the bump up was far too large and all teams with women on them beat all male teams (And we lifted 400lbs between us which would have had us 7th in Rx which was mostly male teams rather than 15th on scaled which was mostly co-ed)

Enough complaints. It was still fun, I got a new C&J PR at 205 and kept feeding my addiction to competing. Maybe someday I will get good at it (Masters age is coming faster than I’d like)


First Taste of CrossFit Competition

Now to be clear, I have done firefighter challenges, CrossFit Open and of course a bunch of Mud Runs and adventure races. That said, through the years 595of CrossFit I have never done a real proper CrossFit competition. I am VERY competitive. I always worried that doing a comp would tarnish the sport for me. What if I do poorly? What if I let me team down or get down because of a movement I suck at?

I finally decided to give it a go at a smaller team comp put on by the GTALeague (now ToughStuff) promoter since it was at a local box. I signed up for a team with two friends from my gym. I will say I am slightly hooked and now just annoyed I didn’t try it earlier!

Only negative was the promoter. The promised swag bags were a no-show and it took me getting rather annoyed with them to get something from them (a free registration to a smaller comp in a few weeks). Better than nothing and i know most of the swag bags are nothing to write hoe about but hey, it is the principal.

Looking forward to some more competitions in the future now!


Healthy eating. Devil is in the details.

As I’m doing this WLC competition I’ve been doing pretty well to eat healthy and it is working.  Down some weight,  WODs feel better and overall feel good.  So tonight we decide to hit the fall fair so the kids can see some cars crash into each other and go on some rides.  Was WAY more prepared than usual thanks to my dear wife.  Packed a bag of homemade apple chips and some kale chips (which are way better than I expected but still a bit odd). Here is where the issue is,  EVERYTHING AT THE FAIR TASTES BETTER!!  Kids had cotton candy and tiny doughnuts.  I hated resisting sampling them but did. Had I not been in this challenge I wouldn’t have resisted because…. Well… I don’t want to.  Paleo eating is easy,  eat real food,  eat normal human portions and my added rule; if you really want to eat something you shouldn’t,  just do it.  I am confident at this point I could be 100% year round and have much lower body fat and washboard abs but honestly I think I’d prefer the occasional indulgence and a couple less abs in the pack.

New Lifting CrossFit Shoe

So beyond being a computer nerd, I an also a sneaker geek. So, crossfit has opened up a new world of shoes. Currently I’m all in Reebok with my Nano 2.0’s for everyday WODs and the Reebok Oly’s for lifting. Before my Reeboks though I had a pair of Inov8’s for crossfit that I loved (and then killed by wearing them to Warrior Dash and then Tough Mudder) so I was curious when I saw this review for new Inov8 Lifting Shoes on Similarly to the Reeboks, they are designed as lifting shoes but with enough flexibility for some CF movements as well (Hence the name FastLift 335).


I like the look, the heel reminds me of the Nike Romelos. Heel pitch is 16.5 so not overly high for a lifting shoe to allow for crossfit movements as well.

Not sure I’ll pick these up any time soon as my Oly’s are still in pretty good shape but if they come in cheaper than the Reeboks they would be a great alternative for those without lifters.


Full Review – Click HERE

Open WOD 13.4 Score – Again I am humbled

Learning my lesson quickly to never go into a WOD expecting to do well. Last two weeks I expected more and gave less. Honestly would like to redo this one but with easter I won’t get the chance.

Submitted score: 51
Score I was hoping to get: >60

Things I’d change if I redid this:
If I can’t get the T2B rep,  let go of the bar rather than flop around wasting time.
Use new hard plates as the old ones bounce like crazy.
Not have a cold and be able to breathe properly.

One more to go……..